The Australian Academy Of Performing Arts official website is now online, fully functional. Tickets for May the 4th fundraiser can be purchased in the Tickets section, you can also make donations to the AAPA organisation. This website also contains information on AAPA and what it will be and contact details are also available in the Contact Us section.

"May The 4th Be With You"

Battle for the Stars

Campbelltown RSL Club

To raise funds for the most TALENTED YOUTH in our COMMUNITY, through the construction of a purpose built performing arts school.

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Australian Academy of Performing Arts

Australian Academy of Performing Arts is committed to work with the Department of Education in order to fulfil its obligation as a fully accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO) as defined by the Department of Education. This focus is on establishing the highest training opportunitites for our youth, to engage in professional employment and secure a place in the entertainment industry.

The way to be more prepared in the lifestyle in the arts, that is perhaps only understood by those in the industry, is through a good educational program.

Supporting the Australian Academy of Performing Arts:

Glen A Baker

Hi im Glen A Baker and I believe that the nations identity is forged and shaped and defined by its cultural activity and the peoplewho dothat work, who create that definition of a nation, are performer’s who need to be nurtured, they are performer’s who need to be encouraged, they need to have their talent recognised and their talent developed.

And that is why I believe strongly in supporting things like the Australian Academy of Preforming Arts, Because given support at an early stage of their career, performers blossom and pay it back a thousand times over. They pay it back to those who give them the support and also to the country and to the music industry that they are apart off, investment in music, investment in song writing, investment in performance and creativity, never ever is wasted, it is an important part of the fabric of a country, we should be very, very proud of it, and I think that we should do absolutely everything we can do to support and encourage it at all times.

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